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M3-Cooper, the reconfigurable mobile manipulator robots

MecaBotiX develops M3-Cooper robots, new Cooperative Modular Mobile Manipulator robots capable of working in groups. Our robots are bio-inspired by cooperative insects such as ants. They are able to coordinate the efforts of many individuals to transport and lift loads of different sizes and masses, sometimes considerable compared to those of the individual alone


These robots allow to transport and lift any type of load in the sustainable warehouse of the future. From public research at the Pascal Institute, MecaBotIX develops new architectures of cooperative robots. Composed of simple mobile robotic entities (m-bots or mono-robots), these structures are capable of aggregating around a load in order to move it, regardless of its size, shape or mass. The whole constitutes a group of robots piloted as a single robot (p-bot or poly-robot). The tasks performed can include load transport, obstacle crossing, dexterous manipulation, machining, etc.


Highly reconfigurable to adapt to any type of task or product (any size and mass), our cooperative mobile manipulators have a reduced cost due to their standardization and a high tolerance to failure. Valuable assistants to human operators, with whom they can collaborate, they relieve them of strenuous tasks and eliminate Musculoskeletal Disorders. Our poly-robots find many applications, from Industry 4.0 (production, logistics…) to construction sites, agriculture, and civil security.


Their removable battery packs allow for 24/7 work, with charging in masked time. This allows to accelerate product flows. Our robots increase pallet storage density by 30% in the same warehouse. They have unparalleled modularity on the market to finely adapt to any type of load and task.


In summary, M3-Cooper is the true missing link between the forklift and the AMR (Automated Mobile Robot) and has 15 advantages over its competitors. Contact us to discover them!


Unitary robot

  • Height 1,80 m
  • Width of an operator (70 cm)
  • Mass with two battery packs: 250 kg


  • Lifting

    • Ideal for: crates, parcels, cement bags
    • Lifting capacity according to onboard couter-weight

      • 100 kg with 2 battery packs

      • 200 kg with 4 battery packs

    • Designed to be able to lift its own weight (250 kg)

    • Lifting up to 3 m (future options: 6/12 m)


  • Battery packs

    • 5 kWh 48V
    • 2 h of autonomy per m-bot and per pack

    • Extractable pack


  • Interchangeable tool

    • Single-finger fork

    • Two-finger fork

    • Lifting tray


  • Passes where a human operator passes

    • Narrow doors of 70 cm

    • Elevators / Mezzanines

    • Transportable in light utility vehicle 


Association of 2 m-bots

  • Mechanical and electrical connection
  • The bi-bot is more agile than the m-bot
    • 2 drive and steering wheels

    • Turns on the spot

    • Moves sideways


  • Lifting: see M-Bot

    • Ideal for light pallets (200 kg max)

    • Differential left-right lifting: can move skewed pallets by transport



Association of 3 m-bots

  • Lifting:
    • For pallets up to 750 kg
    • Lateral stacking without maneuvering → 30% more pallets with equal warehouse space
    • Compatible with narrow aisles of only 1m50 wide


  • Stability

    • Independent of counter-weight

    • During transport, the load is located above and between the supports (no overhang like forklifts)

    • Iso-static → Compatible with irregular floors


  • Omnidirectional 


Association of 4 m-bots

  • Lifting

    • Pallet or big-bag up to 1000 kg


  • Overcoming obstacles (sidewalks, ...)


  • Lateral stacking without maneuvering


  • Omnidirectional 

Advantages of the M3-Cooper robots

Increase storage density of warehouses

Did you know that half of the floor space in current warehouses is unused? In fact, the surface area of the aisles is equivalent to the floor area of the pallet racks. By reducing these aisles from 3.5m to 1.5m wide, it is possible to increase storage density by up to 30% in the same warehouse. Our M3-Cooper robots can manipulate pallets laterally and without quarter-turn manoeuvres, like other forklifts or AMRs. With M3-Cooper robots, store much more in the same warehouse!

Increase the efficiency and productivity of existing warehouses

M3-Cooper robots are capable of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without pause or interruption, which significantly increases the warehouse’s capacity to handle a high volume of orders. In addition, intralogistics robots are able to move goods quickly and accurately, reducing processing times and improving product delivery to customers. Ultimately, the use of intralogistics robots can help companies gain a competitive advantage by increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Focus on more added-values tasks for operators

Repetitive and tedious tasks, such as moving goods, can be automated, freeing up workers to focus on higher value-added tasks such as quality control, order preparation, inventory management and logistics operations planning. Our intralogistics robots also reduce risks for workers by performing dangerous or strenuous tasks (MSDs). This improves employee satisfaction and retention, while allowing the company to use their expertise to improve its operations and competitiveness.

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